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Organizing and Staging in Marin! We love what we do and it shows!
Cyrina Anthony, Founder, The Art of Organization
Cyrina Anthony
Owner and Master Organizer
The Art of Organization
After 22 years as a professional organizer I know how to get you streamlined and organized. No project is too big or too small.  

The Art of Organization specializes in moving and organizing estates, second homes and offices. 

We declutter, purge, assist with space planning and re-locations, merge households, help with closet design, organize kitchens and manage your paper trail. We create the blue print to a more organized life!
The Art of Organization is a process we use to get you to live in harmony and with less stuff!

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The Art of Organization
224 Woodland Ave 
San Rafael, CA 94901
+1 415 999 7594 
Kathryn Howell, Assistant, The Art of Organization
Kathryn Howell
Assistant Extraordinaire
I’ve been Cyrina’s Assistant for 15 years. We met at the Golden Venus Health Club in San Francisco in 1980! We instantly became friends.

I've always had a gift for organizing and helped Cyrina back in the day when she was managing 
5 star hotels. Cyrina is great at what she does because she is bold in  knowing what needs to be done. She has mastered the art of organization! 

Cyrina has the "know how", listens to the client, and sees what needs to be done and she proceeds, with no judgment to get the results you want.
So it was an easy yes for me to work with my best friend. She trained me in details of how to streamline the organizational process which in turn allows me to  give her the support she needs to be the best at what she does.

I love the feeling I get from organizing. It's like hitting the refresh button, clearing out the old to bring in new energy, beauty, clarity and a peace that soothes my soul. 

We look forward to helping you get organized!

The Art of Organization offers residential professional organizing services in Marin County and the surrounding San Francisco area. Below are our happy and organized clients! 
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Organize or Stage your home in Marin County with The Art of Organization and Cyrina Anthony

A Master Organizer huh? I' m organized so what could she possibly show us? Well, five minutes after Cyrina arrived at our home we understood what Master Organizer truly means. Cyrina listened to us as we walked through the house pointing out items to be moved, donated, saved, shredded and thrown. Cyrina then gave us rolls of tape in various colors representing the action to be taken. Sounds easy enough - well, wait because it gets even easier. We then left the house while Cyrina coordinated all of this and the movers too. On moving day we arrived at our new home - kitchen all settled, beds made, art hung, furniture settled, boxes and even the packing paper gone! Cyrina is a Master Organizer and a Dream Come True! Thank you Cyrina for taking what we originally looked at as an impossible task and giving us calm as we opened the door to our next chapter.  

- Judy and Jacky DaWalt

Cyrina has moved my entire household three times. She is friendly, smart, can-do, and efficient. She takes the entire burden on herself so the move feels (almost) painless! She's no nonsense about helping with clutter and random crap lying around and will help you part with things you will never ever miss.  

- Becky Draper

Cyrina did all of our organization at the house, closets, office, kitchen, bookcases (she's the one who got us the bookcases built). Never have I had anyone so great enter my life. I told Robert never to give me another present other than a day with Cyrina, that is all I need. 

- Peggy Knickerbocker
How can help you achieve your organizing goals? We can transform your home, office, closets and storage.
We organize, declutter, do energy clearing, offer staging services and specialize in packing up your treasured belongings and unpacking you at your destination so all you need to do is unlock the front door!
Organize your office with Cyrina Anthony and the Art of Organization!
Work With Us
In-Person Consultation
$250. 1 hour and 20 minutes
I will walk through your home and give you a blue print of exactly what needs to happen while you take notes. 
Zoom Consultation
$175. 30 minutes
We walk through your home together while you use facetime or skype, showing me your home. It's very interactive and while you show the home I write up notes and give you a blue print of exactly what needs to happen.
Relocation Consultation
$350. 1 hour and 45 minutes
I will come to your home and we will tour the home together and then we'll talk about the logistics involved with your relocation.  We discuss coordination activities with various vendors including moving companies, shipping companies, professional estate packers, donations to local charities. We also coordinate your move with your corporate HR Dept if you are doing a corporate move. 
Storage Consultation
$150. 30 minutes
We meet at either your home, office or storage facility. We discuss your timelines, the strategies we use to sort through and pack items and we give you a cost analysis of alternate storage solutions.
Realtor Consultation
$250. 1 hour (Initial consultation is 1 hour. After walk through we'll give you a blueprint and take care of everything. Can be billed through escrow, must be a licensed real estate agent or broker.)

Realtors and organizers get along like bread and butter! You've got a lot on your hands listing a home, the last thing you want to do is deal with is the logistics of getting a house packed, items stored, then moved, then staged and ready to go. That's where the Art of Organization comes in. You hire us. We do it all so you don't have to! 
The Art of Organization helps you organize and energize your home and office!

The Art of Organization 
We help you re-energize your space!
The Art of Organization
224 Woodland Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901 
  +1 415 999 7594
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